Corner Cutting Tool for Bookbinding | DIY | Miter Tool

Materials and Tools NeededMat knife Chipboard  8.5 by 11-inch paper Ruler, 12 inches or more.  Glue Fine tip pencil or marker Cutting mat
UpdatesChipboard from Amazon Canada 

Useful Rulers
Large Self-Healing Cutting Mat
Books on Bookbinding

Bookbinding Supplies for Beginners

Hello all, today I'm going over a simple bookbinding kit for beginners. I purchased it off Amazon Canada in 2020. 
Here is a quick list of the items. 
Bookbinding Tools Kits Specifications: 
12 x large-eye needles for bookbinding  1 x wood handle awl  1 x thread clipper  1 x thimble ring  3 x waxed thread  2 x bone folder paper creaser  1 x needle bottle 1 x wood ruler  1 x wood handle brush
I have updated a few tools since this video above. Here a couple videos below.
My Rulers For Artist Book Making Updated

Glue for Bookbinding
AlumiCutter 18" Aluminum Ruler with Finger Guard
Green Cutting Mat | A1 (Large) from Amazon Canada

Book Press DIY with Handle & Fluted Knobs 2020
Chipboard for Bookbinding
Faux Leather for Bookbinding
Olfa Rotary Cutter Left Handed | 45mm | RTY-2/G 9651
T-Square Ruler for Crafting
Bone Folder Replacement Ideas for Creasing Paper | DIY
Book Cover Board Alternatives | DIY Hardcover & Softcover Ideas

Book Binding Signatures with Staples | Saddle Stitch

In this video, I'm bookbinding signatures with staples (Saddle Stitch). 
Two sheets of folded 8.5 by 11-inch paper. 
Here is a list of tools and supplies I'll be using. 
2 x Paper - 8.5 by 11-inch  Aluminum ruler  Bone Folder  Small pieces of Craft Board (Foam Core)  Posted Notes  Pencil with eraser tip  Paper clips  Stapler  Cutting Mat  X-Acto Knife

Hi all, in this video, I'm folding the signature sheets individually; after further education, there is another method to fold the signatures as one unit with the bone folder.
When creating the paper, it's better to start from the bottom up with the bone folder. 
In the end, it's up to you. I'm referencing this method from the book called, "Hand Bookbinding: A Manual of Instruction," by Aldren Auld Watson. Check out the video below.

Hand Bookbinding A manual of Instruction Alden A. Watson 
Making Handmade Books  Alisa Golden 
Purchased them off Amazon Canada

DIY Wooden Book Press using Kitchen Cutting Boards

DIY Wooden Book Press Materials 2 x Cutting boards 11" x 17"  4 x Carriage Bolts - 5/16 inch - 18  4 x Fluted Knobs - Thru-Hole 5/16 - 18  4 x Bumpers  4 x Flat washers  1 x Drill  1 x Drill Bit 5/16 inch or larger 1 x ruler, 18 inches or more 1 x pencil  1 x Hole puncher  1 x Handle  1 x Screwdriver  4 x Small Screws

Find a safe area to work, and may sure you follow proper safety procedures. 

DIY Wooden Book Press Directions  Place both cutting boards on top of each other with the flat sides (no grooves) facing each other. I made the mistake of not having both flat ends facing each other, and I had to flip the board over after drilling, misaligning the holes. I talk more about this in the video below.  

Measure four holes evenly towards the cutting boards' corners, keep a good enough distance from the board's edges. There are about 13 inches of distance between the two carriage bolts lengthwise in the video above, and just over 8 inches width wise. 
You can make a simple template …

DJ Mix Artist's Book (1 of 3)

DJ Mix Artist Book (1 of 3)Ryan Cornelius DJ Mix Artist Book (1 of 3) 2020
Colophon Artistic process began in July of 2020. 
Completion date was September 27th, 2020

A hardcover artist's book using faux leather, chipboard, craft board, marbles, and watercolor paper. 
The book was made into two parts. The first part was creating the block style pages with a craft board; each separate page was glued together using PVA. 
Two rectangular cutouts were made, and marbles were added. 
A watercolor paper was cut into a triangle like design and placed on top of the page block.
The second part was to create the book cover. Three pieces of chipboard were measured and glued to a rectangular piece of faux leather. A rectangular piece of 140 lb, 300 g, the watercolor paper was added. 
This is a series, one of three. 
Wabi-sabi (IS)

Remix Artist's Book - Black and White Typography Art


Backbeat Maze Artist's Book - Drum Kit Music Maze - Kick, Snare and Drop

Ryan Cornelius Backbeat Maze 2020
Backbeat Maze Artist's BookLife and music have drum-like rhythms.
Sometimes fast, other times slow.
Artist ProcessThe idea took a few days to manifest. I was thinking it would be cool to make the book interactive by putting in a maze. 
The idea for the kick drum, snare, build up and drop came last minute on the day of completion. (Sudden Discovery)
The idea to angle the maze slightly was also a last-minute decision. (Sudden Discovery)
I cut out the maze using a utility knife.  
The bookbinding was using a shoelace string and a large bead. I used a nail to poke holes through the paper. 
The bead was removable from the shoelace and used as a small ball for the maze.
The right inside cover had my signature towards the center and the word drop in the lower center. 
When the ball would reach the end of the maze, I would turn the page, and the ball would drop.