Backbeat Maze Artist's Book - Drum Kit Music Maze - Kick, Snare and Drop

Backbeat Maze cover with a thin font with simple lettering that says "Backbeat Maze."
Backbeat Maze Artist's Book - Front cover

Backbeat Maze - Close up of the book binding shoe lace and tiny ball.
Backbeat Maze Artist's Book - Shoelace bookbinding and a tiny ball

The inside page of the Backbeat Maze Artist Book which has a cutout maze with kick, snare, kick, kick, snare and buildup.
Backbeat Maze Artist's Book - Inside page with a tiny ball and cut out maze. 

The inside page with a tiny ball going through Backbeat maze
Backbeat Maze Artist's Book - Inside page with a tiny ball going through the maze.

Last page of the Backbeat Maze Artist Book, the word "drop" is toward the bottom of the page.
Backbeat Maze Artist's Book - Last page

Ryan Cornelius
Backbeat Maze

Backbeat Maze Artist's Book

Life and music have drum-like rhythms.

Sometimes fast, other times slow.

Artist Process

The idea took a few days to manifest. I was thinking it would be cool to make the book interactive by putting in a maze. 

The idea for the kick drum, snare, build up and drop came last minute on the day of completion. (Sudden Discovery)

The idea to angle the maze slightly was also a last-minute decision. (Sudden Discovery)

I cut out the maze using a utility knife.  

The bookbinding was using a shoelace string and a large bead. I used a nail to poke holes through the paper. 

The bead was removable from the shoelace and used as a small ball for the maze.

The right inside cover had my signature towards the center and the word drop in the lower center. 

When the ball would reach the end of the maze, I would turn the page, and the ball would drop. 

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