DJ Room Photo-Book - Black and White Typography Art with Photography

A bird's eye view of a square photo-book tilted at an angle.
DJ Room Cover - Photo-Book by Ryan Cornelius

The DJ room photo-book by Ryan Cornelius opened to a page with a photo of a turntable and saying, "Spin hard, stay true."
"Spin Hard, Stay True," typography art (right) and Technics SL-1200 M3D (left) from DJ Room Photo-Book

An open page of the "music maze," typography art and photo of a classic cassette tape.
Music Maze typography art (right) and TDK 90 minute cassette tape (left) from DJ Room Photo-book

An open page with some cool typography art of the word DJ room. The DJ is an umbrella and the room is raining down on the DJ umbrella.
DJ Umbrella typography art (right) and silver RCA cables (left) from DJ Room Photo-Book

Ryan Cornelius
DJ Room Photo-Book

DJ Room Photo-Book

Here is a collection of black and white photographs and typography art I put together in 2020.  

It's a look at a few of the typical evolutionary elements in the DJ world, such as RCA cables, cassette tapes, digital vinyl mixing equipment, headphones, and turntables.

A fun photo-book to make.

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