DIY Wooden Book Press using Kitchen Cutting Boards


DIY Wooden Book Press Materials 

2 x Cutting boards 11" x 17" 
4 x Carriage Bolts - 5/16 inch - 18 
4 x Fluted Knobs - Thru-Hole 5/16 - 18 
4 x Bumpers 
4 x Flat washers 
1 x Drill 
1 x Drill Bit 5/16 inch or larger
1 x ruler, 18 inches or more
1 x pencil 
1 x Hole puncher 
1 x Handle 
1 x Screwdriver 
4 x Small Screws

Find a safe area to work, and may sure you follow proper safety procedures. 

DIY Wooden Book Press Directions  

  • Place both cutting boards on top of each other with the flat sides (no grooves) facing each other. I made the mistake of not having both flat ends facing each other, and I had to flip the board over after drilling, misaligning the holes. I talk more about this in the video below.  

  • Measure four holes evenly towards the cutting boards' corners, keep a good enough distance from the board's edges. There are about 13 inches of distance between the two carriage bolts lengthwise in the video above, and just over 8 inches width wise. 

  • You can make a simple template of the fluted knob by tracing it out on a piece of paper. Find the center and use the hole puncher. 

  • Use clamps or duct tape to keep both boards together before drilling the holes. 

  • Drill the four holes through both boards as straight as possible. If the holes are to snug for the carriage bolts, make the holes bigger. The goal is to have the holes a flexible size, so it is easy to slide the carriage bolts through them.   

  • Slide the four carriage bolts through the bottom end of the cutting boards. You can choose which side you would like. The end of the carriage bolts should be facing the sky.  Check to see how well the boards slide with the bolts up and down. Make additional adjustments if needed. 

  • Apply the washers to each carriage bolt. There should be four bolts facing the sky with one washer on each bolt. 

  • Apply the fluted knobs. Test and tighten the fluted knobs.

  • Apply the handle towards the center of the top board. The screws should be short and not pierce through the bottom of the top board. 

  • Apply the four bumpers evenly toward each corner of the bottom end of the cutting boards. 

I wish you much success with your DIY book press! Happy creating! 

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