Book Binding Signatures with Staples | Saddle Stitch


Here is a list of tools and supplies I'll be using. 

2 x Paper - 8.5 by 11-inch 
Aluminum ruler 
Bone Folder 
Small pieces of Craft Board (Foam Core) 
Posted Notes 
Pencil with eraser tip 
Paper clips 
Cutting Mat 
X-Acto Knife

Video Summary 

Hey, what's up Ryan here. In this video, we're just binding a two-sheet signature with staples (saddle stitch).

In the video, I folded the sheets separately. After further education, one technique is to fold the sheets altogether.

With the paper and the landscape direction, the long side facing your stomach, I now applied big paper clips on either side top and bottom.

Now I flip the papers around, and it should look like a little tent with the landscape side again facing your stomach.

To make the measurements down the center, I didn't want to mark the sheet with the pencil, so instead, I used posted notes, put them both on either edge, and then apply the Staples.

I grabbed some foam core and put it underneath the sheets so that the staples don't go through and damage the table.

With the stapler open,

I go to the edge of the top posted note, and I apply one staple.

I go down to the edge of the other posted note, and I apply the other staple.

I flip over the sheets, and you should now see the other end of the staples sticking out of the paper.

I take an eraser tip on a pencil and push the staple points inward.

I remove the paper clips and the posted notes.

Finally, I grab the small cutting mat and Exacto knife and trim the edges of the signature.

It takes a couple of cuts to trim it down but be careful, no need to put too much pressure on the blade.

After that, you should be good to go.

Thanks, Ryan



Hand Bookbinding | Folding Signatures (YouTube Video)

Hi all, in this video, I'm folding the signature sheets individually; after further education, there is another method to fold the signatures as one unit with the bone folder.

When creating the paper, it's better to start from the bottom up with the bone folder. 

In the end, it's up to you. I'm referencing this method from the book called, "Hand Bookbinding: A Manual of Instruction," by Aldren Auld Watson. Check out the video below.

Books on Bookbinding (YouTube Video)

Hand Bookbinding 
A manual of Instruction Alden A. Watson 

Making Handmade Books 
Alisa Golden 

Purchased them off Amazon Canada

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