Bookbinding for Beginners | 4 Page Signature | 3 Holes

Bookbinding Supplies 

4 x Copy Paper 
1 x Bone Folder 
1 x Needle 
1 x Waxed Thread 
1 x Clippers 
1 x Awl 

Today I was learning how to create simple bookbinding signatures. I found a great video on Youtube here. 

Bookbinding for Beginners | Simple Signature

Hey all, in this video we are creating a signature with four sheets and three holes. 

00:00 - We're starting off with four pieces of copy paper. 

00:07 - We then fold the sheets all together in half using the bone folder. 

00:18 - We then take the awl and poke three holes through the folded paper, one through the center, and towards the top and bottom of the sheet. 

00:38 - OK, now we take the thread and needle and thread through the center hole going from the inside to the outside. 

00:49 From the outside, we take the needle and we move it to the top hole, and move towards the inside. 

01:03 - From the inside sheets now, we take the thread and go back through the center hole from the inside back to the outside. 

01:14 - Now the needle should be on the outside again going through the center we're going to go back through the inside now through the bottom hole. 

01:28 - We now have two pieces of string on the inside sheets and we simply now tie them in a knot and we are done.

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