Hi All, Ryan Here. I create simple music artist books. I'm also a passive learner in the world of bookbinding, and craft supplies.   

Artist Statement

I like to create simple artists' books around music. My artwork is an intentionally simplified version of complex waves of music, sensations, and thoughts. 

Art by Ryan Cornelius
Visual Artist 

Q and A Bio

Q. Family?

A. I have one sister and mother; my father died when I was 23.

Q. Who did you look up to growing up?

A. Michael Jordan

Q. Introvert? Or Extravert?

A. I tend to lean to an introvert.

Q. What else do you do besides this?

A. I enjoy walking; I ruptured both my Achilles tendons playing sports during 2010 - 2017. The doctor looked at me with a stern appearance and said, "take it easy." So, walking is my activity.

Q. Turntables? Or Controllers?

A. Turntables at home, mostly controllers at gigs.

Q. Mind-boggling topics over coffee? 

A. Consciousness

Q. How's your Hindi?

A. Getting better.

Q. How's your French?

A. Getting there.

The Workspace

A birds eye view of a standing deck with a turntable, lamp and picture frame.
Here is where I create most of the artwork. It's a small workspace in my basement. Pretty simple, one long-standing workbench with a printer, and DJ equipment for photos. 

Thanks for the scroll, we'll talk soon.

Artist Association

Canadian Artists' Representation / Le Front des artistes canadiens


The Fine Print  

All of my artworks are for display on the internet only.

At this point, no artworks are for sale.

All concepts and opinions are from personal experience and research.   

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