Artistic Process

All the artistic process from introspection, distraction, isolation, application, and sudden discovery happens within consciousness. There is no particular order; all are interconnected.  

  • Introspection State (Observation) - Process of observing sensation, which includes my thoughts, feelings, and body.  
  • Distraction State (Busy) - My state with all sensations of sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, and thought. The creative juices are flowing with ordinary everyday activities such as music, loud traffic, smartphones, laptops, people, animals, emails, sports results, physical activity, life-changing events, etc. 
  • Isolation State (Less Busy) - Is in an altered state of consciousness such as sleep or mindful breathing meditation. My chatter brain often is slow at this point, opening up to more creative thoughts (subconscious). 
  • Application State (Action) - After discovery through introspection, distraction, sudden discovery, and isolation, I apply the results to a notebook then directly to an artist's book. The artist's book may be crafted with a variety of paper, three-dimensional objects, handwritten lettering, wood, etc. Currently, tools used are a paper trimmer, bone folder paper creaser, ruler, cutting mat, draw markers, pencil, scissors, X-Acto blade, utility blade, wood handle awl, and glue brush.
  • Sudden discovery State (Aha moments) - This is a state of unexpected insight into the artistic process. It can happen during introspection, distraction, isolation, or application.

This process may change over time.

Centered words introspection, distraction, isolation, application, and sudden discovery within a tiled pattern of the word consciousness.
Ryan Cornelius's Artistic Process - Updated July 2020 - Introspection, distraction, isolation, application, and sudden discovery within consciousness.

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